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Our main clients are restaurants. Why is that? its because we are efficient menu engineers that help your business reach customers appetites.

MrStudioTV are content creators with studios in Miami Beach and Las Vegas. We specialize in making content, so your business can grow with quality video production for social media and digital signs. We also offer professional photography services like food, locations and drink photoshoots with post production to make your product look fantastic.


SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS FOR Instagram, Twiter & Facebook

The following items are what we’ve done over the years for many restaurants on SOBE:

Print Package

    • Dinner Menues (Large Folding Menu 22″x17″)
    • Drink Menues (6″x17″)
    • Breakfast Menues (12″x8.5″)
    • Dessert and Coffee Menues (11″x8.5″)
    • Special Event Menues (8.5″x11″)
    • Late Night Menues (6″x17″)
    • Seasonal Menues (5.5″x8.5″)
    • Souvenir and Cigar list (folding 8.5″x11″)
    • Table Tents (4″x5.9″)
    • Posters (11″x17″) (8.5″x11″)
    • Flyers (5.5″x8.5″) (4″x5.9″)
    • Business Cards (3.5″x2″) (2″x3.5″)
    • Training Cards and Behavior (4″x7″)
    • Trifold Menus to-go (Folding 8.5″x11″)
    • Event Packages brochure (8 pages 5″x7″)
    • Stickers (Depending on the demand. Doors, Windows, etc)
    • Discount and Special offers cards¬†(3.5″x2″) (2″x3.5″)
    • Vouchers (Different Sizes)

Outdoor Signs:

  • Host Station Board HOD, HBW and HL¬†(24″x36″)
  • Host Station Board HOD and HP¬†(22″x28″) 3 parts
  • Host Station Board HEW¬†(24″x60″) 2 parts front and back
  • Banners (10’x4′) (6’x2′)
  • Step and Repeat (8’x8′)
  • and different assignations depending on the running campaign.

Digital Package for Social Media

  • 800×800
  • 1080×1920
  • 800×800(25% text)
  • 1080×1920(25% text)
  • 1200×628(25% text)
  • Animation Gifs
  • Facebook Cover
  • Youtube Cover

Digital Menu for TV Screens

Professional Photography

    • Food and Drink Photography Photoshooting (more than 20 items)
    • Food and Drink Photography Photoshooting (single item)
    • Location day and night (terrace, bar, dinner area, exteriors)

For Restaurants, Brands and Hotels…

We shoot tethered to a computer so everyone can review and approve the food photography instantly.  Seeing the images enlarged assures they are the best they can be.  We critically review composition dynamics, sharpness and detail to make your food photography and beverage photography great.

MrStudioTV serves clients in restaurants, hotels, food companies, and small start-up businesses. We supply all of your photography related needs from menus, websites, advertising, packaging and food related decorative prints. MrStudioTV strives to make your food look so good it makes you salivate just by our visuals alone and make the food look stunning. 

We have an extensive background in food, we understand its importance and how to translate it into the perfect image.

Audio Visual (Video)

    • tv loops: (cigars, souvenirs, rumbavana, im√°genes de Cuba, live entertainment and more)
    • 30 sec Spot for Social Media
    • 15 sec¬†Spot for Social Media
    • 1 minute¬†Spot for Social Media
    • Raw Footage (Full HD 1920×1080, 4K, Drone Aerial Views)
    • Special Event Covering (Halloween, Christmas, New Years Eve, Rumbavana and more)






Light…At MrStudioTV we know how to use lighting to create an inviting mouthwatering temptation. as food photographers we understand the subtle differences that make meals from ordinary to extraordinary.



One Image, Many Purposes      


CUBAN FOOD (Havana 1957)


Web Site Photos- Probably the most common need of today for Beverage and Food photography for their websites.  Restaurants, Bakeries, and all business that have food as a part of their sales require a professional food photographer. Menu Boards-We are your One Stop Shop…We provide high resolution digital food photography- Graphics and Typesetting- for Backlit Displays. Truck Graphics- Our food photography image files have pixel muscle for whatever your needs are. Menu Photos-Any restaurant that uses Beverage Photography and Food Photography to sell their most expensive beverages and speciality dishes will tell you IT WORKS!



Food Photography Rates:  In our studio with kitchen Food Photography Pricing is $1500 for 4 hours shooting and 30 minutes of post production which includes use of our props, professional lighting and most retouching. At your location our minimum package of 6 hours shooting (2 hours Post production) and starts at $600 which includes:A food photographer with over 25 years experience and 1 assistant. lighting, camera, and computer equipment,- Dishes, place mats, napkins, assorted props, and styling tools. ASK for Specials!! 350.00


(Joan Garcia & Humberto Calzadilla)

Our graphic designers have a lot experience in editorial design, flyers, brochures, menus, and much more. We also offer other services like Digital Art for social media campaigns and Printing.


(Click on the image to view the entire album)

MrStudioTV has also produced videos for social media marketing and campaigns. Social Media is now a modern effective tool that can reach viewers from all over the world. If you have an effective social media video or campaign it can go viral (or spread to many places on the internet) and make your business very successful.

We have production equipment like cameras, drones, studio and a professional crew with years of experience on production and graphic design.



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