MRStudioTV and MRStudio Print Crew takes pride in providing our clients with seasoned Camera & Production crews for Local productions in Las Vegas and Miami.
MRStudioTV personnel are well established in web and television markets. And with such a wealth of talented personnel, MRStudioTV is available 24/7 with the perfect team for your video shoot, whether you simply need a skilled camera operator, or a goal oriented DP, soundman and grip department. Our crews have a history of working together, and it shows.


We are the traditional professionals freelance with excellent video equipment. We know our craft and our gear, our people and our locations. Our professionals have been helping our clients succeed for years, and that proven track record is why we get requested again and again.
What makes us different from other video crew companies? 24/7 good prices.
From corporate video production , to WEB VIDEOS to music videos, commercials to television shows, MRStudioTV has crews with the experience to exceed expectations. Find examples of our work for your specific genre on our PRODUCTIONS, BACKSTAGE INTERVIEWS and EVENTS page.

For Directors, cameramen, audio engineers, post-productions even aerial cinematography, MRStudioTV Crew is there in a moment’s notice.


MrStudioTV has worked with many clients and companies over the years, ever since 1997 in fact. And each time we strive to give our 100% and to make their advertisements reach to their potential customers and help their company grow. We provide on-call freelance to media outlets. Here are some of companies and clients we have worked together with over the years:










No. Description


Time Unit. Cost Total
  Studio Facilities From Modern space, our studios are ideal for photo, film, and commercial shoots as well as events. 1HOUR Photo $120.00  
1HOUR Video $250.00  
1HOUR Rehearsal $100.00  
Compact Packages 
  Still Photography  (10 hr day)   $1.000.00  
Additional Info – Photo Clients 

•  All equipment rentals must be made through our equipment department, unless owned by the photographer. Any outside equipment will incur a fee of $200.00

•  Studio hours are between 8am and 6pm. Hours before or after will incur an early opening fee, or be subject to overtime rates unless otherwise agreed to with the Studio.

•  Rental rate is subject to 7% sales tax

  Video (12 hr day)   $2.300.00  
Extra Facilities
  CHROMA KEY green screen backdrop 1HOUR 12x12x12 $150.00  
  Paper backgrounds (white, Grey,Black) 1HOUR 12×10 $80.00  
  Backgrounds (green, White, black) 1HOUR 12×12 $60.00  
  Print 1HOUR 12×12 $60.00  
Light Equipment
  Lightbox (2) stand 1HOUR   $40.00  
  Remote flash lamp with umbrella stand 1HOUR   $85.00  
  Photo light lamp 1200 (2) stand 1HOUR 2 $35.00  
  Photo light lamp 1200 (2) celing 1HOUR 2 $35.00  
  Air FX     $50.00  
  Jib light (1) stand     $50.00  
  Video Light Lowes (2) stand     $100.00  
  Led Lamp (2)  stand     $250.00  
  Slider 5 foot for camera     $70.00  
  Skate for tripod     $150.00  
  stabilizer jimbo     $500.00  
  stabilizer DSLR     $50.00  
  Jimmy Jib Pro     $1000.00  
  Drone Spider 1HOUR   $70.00  
Cameras rental*
  Full HD sony camcorder (1) 1HOUR   $155.00  
  Full HD sony camcorder (2) 1HOUR   $325.00  
  Full HD sony camcorder (3) 1HOUR   $455.00  
  Canon 1D mark II (only body)* 1HOUR   $100.00  
Power Capacity: 2 phase, 200 Amp Distribution Box
Productions Services
  Make-up Artist 2 Hours 1 person $200.00  
  Camerographer *     $160.00  
  Photographer *     $180.00  
  Products & Food Photo Shoot (included lights and equipment)

Our food photography have highest level, takes many specialty photographic techniques, and even specialty photo equipment , textures & reflections for appetite appeal.

  Models Photoshoot 1 Hour   $220.00  
  Baby’s & New Born 1 Hour   $160.00  
  Quinceañeras Photo session 1 Hour   $580.00  
  Wedding & engagement 1 Hour   $520.00  
  Real Estate and Executive portrait 1 Hour   $220.00  
  Productions crew 1 Hour 1 person $180.00  
POST-Productions Services
  Video-Edition proline 1 Hour   $220.00  
  Retouch & Photoshoop 1 Hour   $220.00  
  3D Animations *        
  Voiceover (English & Spanish)*        
Events Price Upon Request Max Capacity: 125 reception 70 seated
1.     Additional Info – Event Clients 

o   •  All events must be wrapped by 12am due to neighborhood noise ordinance

o   •  MAPS Studio is available for private events only. Events with ticketed sales or the sale of alcohol are not allowed at this venue.

o   •  $250 cleaning fee applies

o   •  Refundable damage deposit of $1,000 is required

o   •  Rental rate is subject to 7% sales tax