Captivate a professional audience with sight, sound and motion through Video Ads in your Web or SM feed.

Work with marketing managers and creative directors on developing concepts for advertising, short form and informational videos
Work closely with the executive producer to develop and execute production slate of original series and other video projects
Assist in development of scopes of work and budget parameters for selected projects
Create and manage processes for creative development by partnering with internal and external parties
Collaborate with cross-department stakeholders including account managers, project managers, product marketing, developers, copywriters and designers
Work with social and audience development/analytics teams to develop a social video strategy that grows video views and site traffic.

WEBSITE Video and virtual tour for Brickell Bussines Center

WEBSITE and Social Media Video for Bimini Big Jhons

Social Media Video for Tapas & Tintos [Española Way] casual style

Havana 1957  Mojitos Spot (English)

Havana 1957  Mojitos Spot (Spanish) [Social Media and Television]

Social Media Video for Mercato della Pescheria [Miami location] casual style

Social Media Video for Mercato della Pescheria [Las Vegas location] casual style

Casablanca TV Spot TELEMUNDO (Spanish) [Social Media and Television]


Social Media videos for Trucks Parts Mart Store English Version

Social Media videos for Trucks Parts Mart Store Spanish Version

WEBSITE Video for Blackstone Corporate Video

Website Video Immigration Law Firm

Website Video Sunset Dental Place

WEBSITE Video for 800 bodyshop

We here at MrStudioTV™ (waaldesign™) strive to make quality corporate videos that show what your company is about to your customers effectively and have new potential buyers. This is a video that was shown in the Las Vegas CES 2014.


Social Media Video Cargo Company

Old’s Havana (web video)

Segafredo Brickell web spot

Blume Club Brickell web Spot

Havana 1957 Desserts Campaing (English)

Havana 1957 Desserts Campaing (Spanish)

Oh mexico Restaurant web spot

Havana 1957 Friday Events PMM

Havana 1957 Lunchs specials

MrStudioTV™ (waaldesign™) has also produced videos for social media marketing and campaigns. Social Media is now a modern effective tool that can reach viewers from all over the world. If you have an effective social media video or campaign it can go viral (or spread to many places on the internet) and make your business very successful.

•We make video editing a fun, exciting, and painless experience for you and your project!
•We always use the best in professional computer and video equipment and materials from MRStudio TV inc.
•We make securing video editing services a hassle free experience.