One of the most interesting projects that a graphic designer can take on is designing a logo. It can be daunting (and stressful) to come up with logo options based on market research, and stumble upon some “design magic” through the exploratory process. Narrowing it down to a final approved logo and then seeing it out in the world can be a very rewarding experience for a designer.

Logo and Package Design


However, most of the time, a logo is not enough. Large organizations with layers of management require a thorough brand identity system that provides a unified vision and tools that help everyone build the brand. But before we dig in, let’s define the difference (and relationship) between a brand, an identity and a logo.

Products Photoshoot
Posters Design & Photoshoot

This phase should be as thorough as needed — depending on the depth of research and size of the company. It’s the most crucial part of the overall process, and should result in a design brief that guides the rest of the project.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it can also be worth thousands of dollars in revenue. The most successful online selling channels for today’s retailers are the ones on which they post unique, high-quality product photography.
We create marketing tools for sale the product and content for the website

Posters & Marketing Tools


So, to turn browsers into buyers, you need to show potential customers your products in their best light, including how they can be used or worn. This helps to put the images into a lifestyle frame of mind for customers, who can then identify with the usage of the item, or move on to another brand. But, before you just grab your phone and begin taking pictures of your goods while brushing, or at a cool art wall across the street, know this: 67% of consumers consider image quality “very important” when making a purchase online.

Website development and E-commerce


To help the shopper’s overall experience, we design this e-commerce site can typically include other features, such as:

  • Product search
  • Customer account creation and login
  • Order history, shipping status, wishlist creation
  • Gift wrapping option and gift card messages
  • Shipping options (e.g. shipping integration – FedEx, UPS, USPS; international shipping)
  • Promotion codes and coupons (free shipping, discounted percentage off the total purchase price, etc.)
  • Sales (percentage off a single product or product category, product exclusions, etc.)
  • Upsell related products or accessories
  • Content Management




We offer multiple content management systems for managing ecommerce and the product catalog, including several open source options. Orbit has developed ecommerce sites using WordPress, Drupal and our own tool Mighty-Site.

Web Video and TV spot


Behind the scene