Commercial Photography

It’s all we do! If you’re looking for clean, clear, & professionals photos of your products with fast service and affordable rates, you’ve come to the right place! Contact us today to get started.

MRStudioTV delivers fast service, affordable rates, and excellent image quality with friendly personalized service!. We have the right equipment (Domes, Lights, Backgrounds, Full Frames Cameras and more…)

When it comes to digital product photography, there’s a pretty wide spectrum. On one extreme from $4,300-per-day charging artist to $250,00 for 3 hours On the other hand, there’s usually someone in the company who’s got a Canon PowerShot and the notion that they know how to shoot. What you get from the former is truly beautiful work, as well as a truly painful invoice. With the latter, one often gets some decidedly unprofessional shots. But yes, it was free.

Let’s just say that style is neither type of photography, but rather, a fusion of the better parts of both. We specialize in providing clean, detail-rich digital product photography, but we don’t charge scandalous prices for it. So what kind of projects should you use us for? Catalogues, websites, brochures, linesheets, and trade magazine ads – in short, anything that needs frequent and affordable updating. Since 1998, we’ve photographed hundreds of thousands of products for over 300 designers, manufacturers and retailers.

Our rates start at $235/hr, go as low as $190/hr when booking multiple hours, and include photographer, equipment, studio time, as well as moderate retouching. And you can book as little as one hour of studio time. Depending on the details of the shoot, we can photograph as many as 15 items or more in an hour. No hidden extras, no surprises, no catches – but also no compromises. Contact us now and start getting more for less from your product photography.