We have a great on call FREE LANCE CREW conforming by excellence professionals from Cuba, US, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Italy, Spain with a lot experience on the Event Area. Available in Miami, Las Vegas and Worldwide.

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It has been shown that more sales are made in stores and online by using the power of video. With online targeted customers constantly searching the internet, you are going to want those customers going to your page. We provide a cost effective way to bring creative ideas to life. Shoots interviews, events, training videos, performances, celebrities, parties, product demonstrations, video presentations, fashion, the red carpet, documentaries, and much more.

As well as television and film, we also do videos that are made especially for end-cap monitors, websites, and YouTube We use high-tech equipment and unique techniques to get beautiful picture colors from professional HD cameras. At your convenience, a cameraman travels to your organization to videotape your services, products, or event. The taping will involve an interview with you and your staff members along with live action shots of your operations.

Photographers & Videographers

Waldo A.
Experience: 22 years (Storecom intl, CBTV, Y&R, NBC, FOX, MRStudioTV and others)
Skills: Photographer, Filmmaker, Producer and Art Director
Licys L.
Experience: 12 years (JR News, Fashion TV, MRStudio TV)
Skills: Photographer, Accounting, Sales & Marketing.
Renzo C.
Experience: 35 years (Roma, CNN, MRStudioTV, Vegas)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer, Producer and Editor
Vladimir R.
Experience: 30 years (Univision, ABC)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer.
Tony M.
Experience: 15 years (FOX, Hangar Productions, MRStudioTV)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer, Producer and Cinema Editor
Deyanire M.
Experience: 15 years (FOX, Hangar Productions, MRStudioTV)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer, Producer and Cinema Editor
Waldo A. Jr
Experience: 4 years (MRStudio TV)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer, Editor and Voiceover Maker
Mano F.
Experience: 15 years (FOX, Hangar Productions, MRStudioTV)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer, Producer and Designer
Ivette P.
Experience: 15 years (CBTV, Advertising Agencies)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer and Graphic Designer
Humberto C.
Experience: 15 years (Vegas, MRStudioPrint)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer, Producer and Editor
Joan G.
Experience: 8 years (Vegas, MRStudioPrint)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer, Producer and Editor
Lorenzo D.
Experience: 16 years (Telemundo, CNN Roma)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer.
Andrew E.
Experience: 36 years (FOX, NBC. NATGEO, CNN)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer & Editor.
Abel Y.
Experience: 16 years (CBTV, CSPam, MRSTV)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer & Graphic Designer.
Amaury M.
Experience: 16 years (DRTV, Canal +, MRSTV)
Skills: Photographer, Videographer, Specials Effects & 3Dr.

Your edited HD footage can be used for television, film, the internet, and DVDs. It’s not just the quality of the videography that matters, but it’s the content as well. Quality and content works hand-in-hand. Not only do we get the winning shots, but we’re also good at advising our clients on how to improve the content of their video. We also use full audio spectrum wireless mics and lavaliers, light kit with portable green screen and different color backdrops, and other broadcast quality equipment. Our audio service also include sound recording for film, television, transcriptionists, and any event where audio clarity and accuracy is important. We can assist the director or do the directing. As skilled professionals, we want our clients to get their message across to their targeted audience more effectively. In doing so, we will draw your audience in with unique and interesting perspectives.

Make-up Artist

Experience: 10 years ( CBTV, Telemundo, Fountainblue Hotel and others)
Experience: 30 years (CBTV, Telemundo, Univision and others)

The best way to convey a good concept or story is with creative insight, to bring out what’s most attractive about what’s being presented. A masterpiece can only be created by starting with the most effective raw materials – getting the right footage and the right sound. The end product has to reach out and grab the audience and give them something that they will remember. MrStudioTV presents a more accurate, dynamic, and exciting approach to audio as well as video. We specialize in audio and video so that one doesn’t overshadow the other. If we are working on both combined, picture and sound works as one to create realism with greater depth and impact. Our audio restoration and post production services is based in the Miami area and Nationwide. It includes audio editing, sound design, video editing, and much more. There’s absolutely too much competition out there for your business not to take advantage of our incredible and inexpensive service. we’ve been serving numerous businesses and individuals worldwide with complete dedication to integrity, as we continue to perfect our advanced time saving methods with the help of the latest technology.

DJ’s & Hosted

Tony (Johnny) DjVJ
Experience: 22 years (Havana, Ibiza, RIO, Miami ULTRAFEST and Others)
Juan Carlos DJVJ
Experience: 22 years (Havana, Ibiza, Roma, Ocean Ten, Segafredo and Others)
Tony Dj
Experience: 22 years (Havana, Mangos, Rumba)
Experience: 22 years (Havana, Ibiza, Roma, and Others)


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AV Technician

Experience: 8 years in Productions and Stage Manager
Experience: 8 years (Dj’s Audio & Lights)
Experience: 8 years (Audio & Lights)
Experience: 8 years Production